Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona Virus - Moroccan Update

According to Morocco World News, Moroccan authorities have checked more than 35,000 people at all land, maritime, and air crossing points in Morocco as of March 8, in line with the country’s preventive measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health announced the figures on Wednesday, March 11.

According to the ministry, strengthening medical checks at crossing points for travelers coming from regions affected by the virus is one of the most important measures.

The list of measures also includes setting up medical isolation units and laboratory tests in all of Morocco’s regions, along with preparing mobile medical isolation units.

The ministry has provided the two national reference laboratories, the National Institute of Hygiene in Rabat and the Pasteur Institute in Casablanca, with the necessary medical equipment to diagnose COVID-19.

Authorities also equipped ambulances at the various border crossing points of Morocco with the necessary equipment to intervene in case of new COVID-19 infections.

Doctors and health professionals underwent training sessions about diagnosis methods and managing possible cases to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Health Ministry has also focused on promoting awareness and communication with its toll-free hotline “Allo Yakada 0801004747” in order to keep the citizens informed about the development of the epidemic in Morocco.

In addition, the ministry also created a website dedicated to the COVID-19 outbreak that is updated twice per day.

Health officials are constantly participating in TV and radio shows in order to raise public awareness, while regional health departments distribute awareness-raising leaflets and program communication campaigns at the local levels.

As of March 12, the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Morocco stands at six, including one death. Meanwhile, 83 suspected cases yielded negative results.


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