Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bono in Fez?

You heard it here first! Never let it be said that we don't let you know every bit of rumour and gossip in the medina!

The story circulating amongst the "in-crowd" is that the guest speaker for Fez Encounters 2006 will be rock mega-star Bono, the lead singer and songwriter with Irish band U2.

Paul Hewson was originally nicknamed "Bono Vox" by his friend, Guggi, a high school cohort who stole it from a hearing aid store on O'Connell Street in Dublin. Fittingly enough, the original moniker meant "good voice" in cockeyed Latin. Paul later shortened it to Bono, which remains his name to this day.

The Colloquium known as the "Fez Encounters" will take place from June 4-8 at the Batha Museum and will discuss the role that spirituality, democracy, media, education and development can play today in the genesis of peace.

It will also discuss how men and women across the globe could help mediate and create political and spiritual conditions to facilitate the coexistence of peoples and cultures who long to be not only peaceful but also creative.

In other Fez Festival news, the creation of a permanent institute for inter-religious and inter-cultural diplomacy will be announced in June during the Sacred Music Festival. The announcement was made by Faouzi Skalli, president of the Fes festival, on the occasion of a first congress of “imams and rabbis for peace,” held last week in Belgium. The projected institute will develop inter-religious diplomacy through reflection and interpretation of sacred texts to contribute to find a way out to political conflicts. Religious chiefs have an important role in promoting awareness among their communities of the judeo-moslem heritage, Skalli said.

International participants at Fez Encounters will include Benjamin Barber, Bernard Kouchner, Susan and John Marks, Katherine Marshall, Mireille Mendes France, Fatema Mernissi, Pierre Rabhi, Sulak Sivaraksa and Hasan Zaoualo. We will keep you posted the minute the whispers about Bono turn into fact.


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