Monday, October 15, 2018

Fes Festival of Sufi Culture - update

Only five days to go before the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture begins

The opening day events: October 20th - 
16h00 :Festival opening at – à la Salle de la Préfecture de Fès-Médina
20h 30 Opening performance at Bab Al Makina - Création artistique : « Odes aux femmes mystiques » With: Bahaa Ronda, Carole Latifa, Leili Anvar, Françoise Atlan, les femmes de Chefchaoun à Bab Al Makina

The View From Fez is an official Media Partner of the festival


Thursday, October 11, 2018

International Date Show in Erfoud

The 9th edition of the International Exhibition of Dates (Sidattes) will take place from 25 to 28 October in Erfoud, under the theme "logistics and development of the dates sector".

Placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, this show aims to highlight aspects related to logistics and develop the date chain, as well as to enhance the Moroccan production of dates.

Organised by the International Association of Dates of Morocco Association (ASIDMA), under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, this event is an opportunity to present the different varieties of dates produced in the Drâa region. Tafilalet and look for ways to facilitate the local and national marketing of this product.

During the meetings organised on Monday in Erfoud and presided over by the Wali of the Drâa-Tafilalet region and governor of the province of Errachidia, Mohamed Benribag, the representatives of the external services of the region expressed their determination to ensure the success of this 9th edition. .

Speaking on this occasion, Benribag stressed that the show, which has become established at the national and international levels, will help boost economic and social activity in the region.

In this context, he noted that this event is an opportunity to highlight the development projects implemented by the municipalities of the region with links to the oases and the date sector, particularly in rural areas, adding that this event requires fostering all necessary conditions to ensure its success.

The previous edition which had more than 80,000 visitors, recorded a strong participation of national and foreign exhibitors and the sale of 400 tons of dates during the days of the show, for its part, said the representative of the National Agency for the development of the oasis zones and the argan tree, Ali Ouberhou.

On this occasion, he outlined the program of the 2018 edition, including the organisation of several meetings with professionals and visitors, visits to the palm groves of Tafilalet, and information and consultation workshops with local people. professionals, as well as the setting up of stands of different national and foreign actors and artistic evenings and tourist and cultural visits.

This exhibition will also be marked by the establishment of a thematic stand for "young people in the oases", the organisation of scientific meetings dedicated to discuss the issues related to the date market in Morocco and ways to market them, with the participation of national and international experts and representatives of the sectors concerned.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fez University to get Green Campus

The European Union (EU), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (EMU) have signed a financing agreement to support the construction of the university's eco-campus. The cost of the work amounts to 13 million euros and should be delivered by 2020.

The Green Campus of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez will take on a new face in the coming months. Thirteen million euros will be made available to rebuild and re-equip its ecological campus. The decision follows a financing agreement signed on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 during a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mohamed Benchaaboun. It is part of the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) mechanism.

The main aim is to support the university, whose training is mainly focused on green economy jobs. The funding will enable the university to benefit from educational and research facilities, sports areas and a bookshop. The eco-campus will be open to 6,000 students from more than 18 nationalities and people with reduced mobility will be favoured. The project is expected to be completed in 2019-2020.

EU ambassador to Morocco Claudia Wiedey said: “we hope that several students from all horizons (Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe) will benefit and graduate from the Euromed University, imbued with the values of tolerance between peoples, enriched by the virtues of interculturality and equipped with the most useful skills for the local and international labor market”.

EIB Representative in Morocco Anna Barone said: “we are pleased to be able to contribute again, thanks to EU funds, to the development of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, which plays an essential role in the field of higher education and research in Morocco”.

The university’s “intercultural vocation and willingness to partner with other academic institutions in the Mediterranean make it a key academic player in the region”, added the European bank representative.

The Euromed University of Fes is a new regional center of excellence promoting dialogue, intercultural exchange, sharing of knowledge and cooperation in the fields of higher education, research and innovation.

This is not the first funding that the University of Fez has received. In 2017, the EIB had already granted it a loan of EUR 70 million and the EU later provided it with EUR 5 million. The eco-campus is among the few in the world that respects international standards and the requirements of sustainable development.

The Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez was established in November 2012. It aims “to promote exchanges, intercultural dialogue and academic and cultural partnerships in the Euro-Mediterranean region as well as high-level training and research.” Its campus is considered green because the infrastructure is environmentally friendly and focuses on renewable energy.

Luchelle Feukeng



Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The "Sound and Light of Fez" to Return

After many years of absence the "Sound and Light of Fez", an initiative dedicated to the revival of the tourist animation of the city is back. A convention was concluded in this direction during the October session of the Fez Commune. The show will be funded up to 2 million DH jointly by the Council of the Region (1.5 million DH) and the Commune (500,000 DH).

The Commune of Fes undertakes to make available to the Foundation "Spirit of Fez" all buildings and equipment existing within the structure 'Sound and Light of Fez', in order to exploit them and allow it to start its activities.

The original son et lumière was held in the evenings in a small amphitheatre in Borj Sud. Borj Sud «the Southern tower» was built by the Saadian Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour Addahbi (the golden) in a period of time ranging between 1587 and 1609 by Portuguese prisoners in order to improve the defence of the Medina and to intimidate the local Fassi population.

The southern fort is located face en face with the northern tower, the two towers are said to be linked with an underground tunnel used by soldiers and guards to cross the Medina quickly and freely with their horses, but nowadays this tunnel is closed. Some people think that the tunnel has never existed - hopefully, time will tell.

The tower offers a panoramic view over the Old Medina and its environs, and that is why it hosted the original sound and light of Fez show.


Monday, October 08, 2018

Fes hosts the 3rd edition of National Women's Day

Fes hosts the 3rd edition of the national day of women at the Siham Abbad complex aqualibi.

The event is an opportunity to evaluate the progress of the situation of women by NGOs, by the media by any institution whose mission is the fight for the rights of women in Morocco

Fes is honoured to receive this flagship event between 10 -12 October 2018

Themes of the event will include craftsmanship, well being, companies, art, culture and design.


Street Art in Oujda

An exhibition of giant mural frescoes called "kharbachat"was inaugurated in Oujda last Friday. The works is the initiative of an association for culture and development, the Collective Tzouri. "Tzouri" is an expression in the Amazigh language which means "beauty"

Carried out in the heart of the old medina, these works include a portrait of an elderly man and paintings depicting large bird wings, the aim being to preserve the intangible heritage and bring people closer to contemporary art. and modern.
"By working in consultation with the locals, we took the initiative to beautify alleys of the old medina through canvases inspired by local traditions and culture," Mohamed Momo, president of Collectif Tzouri. 
Street art allows young people to unleash their creativity and give life and color to the walls, Mohamed Momo said, noting that the association has already undertaken similar initiatives on the painting of pedestrian crossings in the city centre of Oujda, which have become a true work of art, with the aim of raising the awareness of pedestrians and motorists alike about road safety.

The result of a collaboration with the Moulay Slimane Foundation of Oujda, this exhibition shows a multitude of paintings in shimmering colours allowing people to enjoy the beauty and the expressive dimension of the murals. Created in 2016 the Collectif Tzouri is interested in music, audio-visual and visual arts.


Saturday, October 06, 2018

Moroccan Daylight Saving Ends Sunday 28th

Daylight saving ends at 3:00 AM on Sunday, October 28

Sunday, 28 October 2018, 03:00:00 clocks are turned backward 1 hour to Sunday, 28 October 2018, 02:00:00 local standard time instead.


Serendipity is Open All This Month

The exhibition by Jess Stephens continues this month. It is open every afternoon.

Photo credit: Suzanna Clarke

Jess Stephens - in her own words

I am strongly captivated to a creative endeavour of blind adventures and unexpected encounters. The abstract paintings and digital photography pieces in the exhibition, titled Serendipity’ have been executed without any intention of their destination. Each mark reacting to the next, to the next and so the journey unfolds. What could be perceived as accident and coincidence I value as serendipitous encounters and golden twists of fate; given that when in the process of creativity I am inspired; that is to say ‘in spirit’.

In my practice as a visual artist, I am drawn to constellations that emanate a vigour both harmonious and kinetic. The subject, principally the materiality of the work and it relations with itself, be that between one mark and another or one colour with another, play on surfaces, materials and rapport. All-be-it abstract expressionism is a big influence on my creative expression a playful use of material is in use I have seemingly wondered off from a classic painter’s palette. Bundles of knotted thread become scribbled marks, lengths of cloth strips, tape act as paint gestures and teapots, charcoal smudges. The work, in all mediums, has a lively approach, in the coalition of materials such as inadvertent photography, use of cloth, thread and packaging tapes.

I am in search of a truth of painting as a transcendent act and experience; a physical and spiritual act of self-expression through gesture, movement and material. Colour and surface making, rather than an idea that words can cast and the responsibility on the artist not to undermine arts natural subjectivity with the assimilation the western, art world seeks. Faith and trust are important elements to the process. Faith in one’s decisions to make, retain or eliminate marks. Trust in a universal awareness that guides me along the way.

Seen as much in the sculptures as in the two-dimensional pieces, mid-20th century abstract expressionism is a big influence on my creative expression. Through a playful use of material It is about the material and the act of creation unbound to subject matter and story telling that enact my internal and external landscapes.

Culture Vultures, ALIF and ALC present Serendipity by Jess Stephens
Open daily 5-7.30
Runs until the 29th of October
06 45 22 32 03 to be hosted by the artist