Monday, May 01, 2006

Responsible donkey ownership?

The first big decision in Morocco will be - which donkey? The trouble is we are not sure if we are a one or two donkey family. What model to choose? With the rising worldwide prices of oats, can we afford a four-leg drive? Or should we go for a cheaper oat-saving two-leg version. As the world heads towards what the pessimists are calling "peak oats", we want to do our bit and move to a more sustainable donkey. Having walked behind many donkeys, I certainly know that there are wind and gas models available.

Research has failed to develop a solar-powered donkey, in fact the more sun, the slower they get, so maybe I can find a scientist willing to test my hypothesis about the suitability of a moon-powered version.

Just for the record, Zany has been test driving the various models and likes the white one (above) but wants it with airbags and black racing stripe. And, before anyone comments, those pics are probably both mules!



Hujaina said...

are you mocking on those poor animals?? they will never forgive you man i can asure you

more over this kind of animal abuse can only exist at FES the city u love the most

i denouce such treatment !!!

its too much weight for only one mule

whats the porpose of your post can we know??

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest take on "peak-oil" I have seen. Well done! I nearly wet myself!