Monday, June 05, 2006


Behind the scenes at the Fes Festival there are several little issues that need clearing up. One is the dress code acceptable in Morocco. For a start the Moroccan people are far to polite to say anything ... but plunging necklines and short skirts are as welcome as motorbikes in the Medina. Sure it is hot and the Sufi Nights are exciting but a few Western women need to respect local culture.

And another thing. People like to listen to the music! At the Drumming concert many people were disturbed by the PR girls from a well known sponsor of the festival who ran back and forth and chatted during the concert. Not half as bad though as the boorish Englishman who gave a running commentary during the koto solo.

On the other hand my spies report that a much loved local identity - David Amster - was seen at the Hassan Haffar concert actually swaying in a dance-like trance while writing on his portable computer!

And another thing - mobile phones and flash photography.

The organisers have asked time and again for people to turn off mobile phones during performances and not to take photographs using a flash. The worst offenders are the invited guests of sponsors who time and again abuse their position as guests - seated in the best front row seats - to chat on their phones and flash away like a disco ball in a nightclub. Enough already! Sponsors should make it their obligation to control their little bunch of VIP guests. As one important foreign guest said... kick them into line or kick them out!

And another thing. Rumour has it that Al Jazerra are looking at using some of our material. No problems with that as long as there is a credit.


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