Sunday, October 01, 2006

Travel writing about Morocco - part six.

Regular readers of The View from Fez will be aware that we have been publishing the best and worst of travel writing about Morocco. Today, we continue that tradition, but with a difference. We are in debt to a reader for sending us the link for the following story.


Previously we have mentioned how the website Tripadvisor needed to be approached with some caution, as many reviews for hotels and riads appear to be written by the owners or their very, very, close friends. We also observed that competitors have been known to post critical reviews.

Today we have two offerings: the first is a critical review.

April 6-9, 2006 We stayed in Riad Pasha. Located in Medina, Fes garden Tour starts near it. Has nice lobby and dining room. But rooms are not very comfortable. For the price 100 Euro per night they do not provide any room cleanup, no towel exchange, any soap or shampoo. Sheets and towels rather grey then white. In our room we had air conditioner and TV, 2 beds, but without any chairs or tables. Other available room was bigger, but with windows to the common area it was too noisy. Riad has 11 rooms, all was full and even in our room on the top floor you will not sleep until all diners are left and you will wake up when early raiser start breakfast.

Now the only thing to note about this review is that maybe the person writing it had English as a second language.

But then consider the follow-up review. Read it carefully - there will be a test!

I remained at Riad Al Pasha with my husband during five days. I reserved directly by the Internet and we arrived the morning, Loubna accommodated us as if we were long-term friends and the continuation Pasha which we were affected was still better than it looked on the Web site. The architecture of this riad so beautiful and is well maintained. The rooms are well maintained and comfortable, a beautiful terrace of roof with sights above the city and the surrounding mountains.

Riad received a reward for its restaurant. The only thing is that you must let them know in advance that you will come to the dinner or the lunch so that they prepare with you. It is normal in all Riads. after having tested a meal in their restaurant, we decided to dine our there each night. Food is excellent and the menu is the typical dishes not only of Tagine and Necks which you see in the majority of the restaurants, but there are more traditional dishes as well which are to be discovered interesting.

I must say that the personnel of Riad Al Pasha is incredibly interesting and the service is fabulous. We really liked the place. The total stay at Riad Al Pasha was pleasant. The owner Rachid and Loubna are very quite informed and have a bottom extended in the field of hospitality. Congratulations with the owner and the personnel of this Riad for a so pleasant and accessible place.

Test Questions.

1 - Who do you think wrote the review?
2 - What kind of food is "Necks"?
3 - Translate the following phrase - "The owner Rachid and Loubna are very quite informed and have a bottom extended in the field of hospitality."
4 - Was the review translated by Babelfish?

Send your answers to The View from Fez. The author of the most interesting answers will receive a free breakfast of "Necks" at Restaurant Thami in Fez!

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Anonymous said...

Hysterical! I laughed myself stupid. I think Necks must be chicken or turkey necks?

Anonymous said...

I think the "Necks" must be short for "Knackwurst". Without the "worst".. who wants to admit to eating sauages in such an exotic place?
(probably would have been better off eating the "babel fish" with a side order of fries)

Anonymous said...

As for Necks, I'll give you a clue: consider the French word for neck...

Anonymous said...

The Trip Advisor site indicates that the reviewer is from Madrid. If you speak Spanish, and read the review as if a Spaniard were writing it in English, then you can see what words the author thought were the appropriate translation....many of the English mistakes are quite common for native's amusing but you may be incorrectly assuming that the post is the work of someone associated with the Riad.