Sunday, November 26, 2006

Argan oil from Morocco.

Moroccan argan tree expert Dr Zoubida Charrouf feels the argan tree is a vital Moroccan resource with many uses. She is trying to combat deforestation of the argan through setting up women's co-operatives to produce oil and raise international recognition of the product.

Argan oil is probably one of the most purchased products (along with rose-oil) by tourists on a visit to Morocco. If you don't know about argan oil then read the earlier story on The View from Fez - More trees to be planted for Argan oil.

Farah Kinani, writing for Magharebia, from Washington, has a very interesting look at the ongoing work on Argan oil and its place in the society and economy. In our earlier stories we looked at the plan to plant some 1400 new trees, Now Farah discusses Argan oil with Zoubida Charrouf.

You will find the article here: Magharebia

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