Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Morocco to build mosque in Beijing

Morocco has proposed the construction of a mosque in the Chinese capital in token of the friendship, understanding and of the distinguished relations between Beijing and Rabat.

The offer was made by the Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Taoufiq during a meeting with visiting chairman of 10th commission of the political advisory conference of the Chinese people, Abdulahat Abu Drixit.

The mosque, according to the minister, is meant to help revive the symbolic dimension of the journey of famed Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battouta to China.

Taoufiq also highlighted the similarities between the two countries regarding the management of the religious realm, based on pluralism, cohabitation and tolerance.

Touching on the various ethnicities that co-exist in China, Abdulahat Abu Drixit explained that 10 of 56 ethnic groups living in his country are Muslims, that is about 20 million people, practicing their cult in over 30,000 mosques around the country.

The Chinese official recalled that the reforms adopted by his country 28 years ago affected also the religious field through the promotion of the freedom of cult, the protection of the display of religious beliefs in the places of cult, and the guarantee of the representativeness of religious communities in the State’s institutions, including the parliament.

Drixit had earlier met with the speakers of the House of Advisors (upper house) and of the House of Representatives, Mustapha Oukacha and Abdelouahad Radi, respectively, with whom he discussed ways of reinforcing bilateral relations.

Abdulahat Abu Drixit, who had also talks with Moroccan PM, Driss Jettou, had arrived in Rabat on Sunday on a three-day visit to Morocco.

Source: MAP


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