Monday, April 30, 2007

The Guidebook for Fez

Our investigative reporter, David Margan, was sitting in the office the other morning discussing guidebooks and decided to take to the streets and see what the well prepared traveller was reading.

"90% of people Samir photographed in a one hour period in the Talaa Sghira in Fez were carrying Lonely Planet - the other 10% were lost." - David Margan

The only strange thing about guidebooks in Fez is that buying one is extremely difficult. Not one person we spoke to had bought a copy while in Fez and nobody knew if they were even available. It is a niche market that hopefully someone will take advantage of in the near future.

Reporter: David Margan.
Photographs: Sandy McCutcheon


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Jillian said...

The Lonely Planet is available in English at two bookstores in Meknes - the better of which is Librarie al Kitab al Watani, located on Avenue Allal ben Abdellah (I cannot remember the name of the other, but it's two blocks down the same street). It is available in French at Marjane in Meknes and in Fez.