Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sufi Festival - Opening night

Congratulations to Faouzi Skalli!

Once again Fouzi is to be congratulated for his superb leadership skills. The man who did such a fantastic job with the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (which he founded) for twelve years, has turned his combination of energy and vision to the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture and judging by the opening night - it is another winner.

The Mokri Palace

Not only did the public turn up in large numbers, but it was a very pleasing mixture of expats and locals across a range of ages. To see a large number of teenagers present was an indication that this festival has a bright future.

Even the incense was perfect

Held in the Mokri Palace - a sumptuous venue under the stars - the crowd was treated to two totally different styles of Sufi Music - Samaa style presented by Mohammed Bajedhoub and his ensemble of musicians and the Sufi Music of Syria from the famous Hassan Haffar.

Hassan Haffar from Syria -men is suits.

Mohammed Bajedhoub

Orange flower water for the guests

All the extrordinary contradictions that one expects in Fez were there - musicians in suits, tinkling fountains, a robed man dispensing orange-flower water on the hands of the guests and everything working like clockwork!

Hassan Haffar

Once again - congratulations to Faouzi Skalli and his team - and thanks for welcoming the English expats in English, Faouzi!


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