Saturday, July 07, 2007

Travel writing about Morocco - Part 17.

Oh dear! Now the Wall Street Journal has succumbed to tabloid writing about Morocco. Yes, sad but true. The usual standards you expect from the WSJ have plummeted.

In an article headed: Morocco's Dangerous Mystique, one STAN SESSER manages to get in snake charmers and faux guides in the first paragraph. Mind you this is a man who got lost in the Marrakech Medina... now if it had been Fez, we might have understood.

Visiting Morocco can evoke that kind of anxiety. There are real safety concerns: The U.S. State Department says the potential for "violence against American interests and citizens remains high."
Oh really? According to the people who said Sadam had WMDs.

And then there is:

Moroccan families who own crumbling old mansions are discovering that they can sell them for a small fortune to be turned into these high-end boutique hotels. Marrakesh, the center of Moroccan tourism, got its first one only a decade ago, but today there are more than 500. Fez, the cultural capital, has 40.

Where has this man been?

While the riads are indeed luxurious, there's a downside. The rooms are long and narrow, with windows only on one side looking out into the inner courtyard. You have to keep your curtains closed since guests are walking past, making the rooms dark and stuffy. And since the alleys are too narrow for taxis, going out for dinner can be a hassle.

Stan, walking is good for you and going out for dinner is part of the fun...Oh forget it... I give up.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked this sentence "According to the people who said Sadam had WMDs"

Nice blog.

xoussef said...
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lady macleod said...

travel writer #17: let me pick my mouth up off the floor... WHAT?

In the first place my bet is this is someone who prefers the Hilton in Paris, Istanbul, and Venice...

I also think this person is either terrified all the time, or living under the illusion he is safe when "at home".

Lastly, LOST in the Marrekesh Median? sorry I can't stop laughing.