Monday, June 09, 2008

Marie Boine - a stunning concert!

Mari Boine - entranced and entrancing.

The Batha Museum was the venue for what we had picked as one of the outstanding concerts for the entire Fez Sacred Music Festival - and we were not disappointed. Mari Boine is an amazing performer and the selection of Sami chants and songs was pure magic.

Equally outstanding were the arrangements and performance by her band. The guitar of Georg Buljo wove beautifully through the songs along with Svein Schultz on bass, Ole Jorn Mykelbust on trumpet and Gunnar Augland on percussion. Departing from her published programme, Boine gave us a taste of her earlier work with Gula Gula and exhibited her traditional joik throat singing to amazing effect. For those used to seeing a singer open their mouth wide to reach for a high note, it was extraordinary the volume and pure tones achieved by Boine with almost closed lips. Her drumming added a wonderful touch, but as she said - "My drum is used to cold weather." So she wet the skin with a bottle of Sidi Ali!

Perhaps most stunning was her trance like quality as she rocked and drummed with eyes closed before embarking on a dance that had all the shamanistic hallmarks. Her invitation to the crowd to dance... or even just move "because we live too much in our heads" was greeted with enthusiasm and the dancing began.

The fusion of traditional Sami music with contemporary accompaniment gave us a concert to remember. Indeed a huge hit for the festival.

Ole Jorn Mykelbust

Georg Buljo

"We are too much in our heads - lets dance."

Dancing at the Batha Museum

Mari Boine - an amazing concert


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