Tuesday, June 24, 2008

National Festival of Amazigh Culture

The fourth annual Festival of Amazigh Culture will be held in Fez from 3-6 July. Directed by Dr Moha Ennaji, Director of Arab Studies at Rutgers University in the US and full professor at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, the Festival comprises a conference and a cultural programme.

Moha Ennaji

On January 8, 808, Moulay Idriss II initiated the building of Fez, thereby laying the foundation for the modern state of Morocco. Himself the fruit of an Arab-Amazigh marriage, he embodied one of the constants of the Moroccan personality that marks the rich and complex history of its extraordinary cultural heritage.
The Festival is organised by the Fes Saiss Association and the Spirit of Fes Foundation in partnership with the Royal Institute of AmazigheCulture, the BMCE Foundation and the South North Centre, and has as its theme '1200 years of Symbiosis and Unity of Moroccan People'. It aims to highlight the historic and social significance of Arab-Amazigh cultural dialogue and the role of culture in the process of democratisation, with plans to consolidate intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and a democratic culture.

Here is the programme of music, poetry and exhibitions:

Thursday 3 July
21h00 at Bab Makina
Amel Tafsout (USA)
Djemal Allam (France)

Friday 4 July
19h30 at Boujloud Square
Abder Oulahlou (Algeria)
Cherifa Kersit (Morocco)

21h00 at Bab Makina
Mohamed Mabrouk (Morocco)
Amazigh Costumes display
Oussan Troupe (Lybia)

Saturday 5 July
18h00at Saadiens Sports Centre

19h30 at Boujloud Square
Amarg Fusion (Morocco)

21h00 at Bab Makina
Fatima Tabaamrant (Morocco)

Sunday 6 July
16h00 at Al Houria Complex
Play 'Tillas' (Association Tafoukt)

18h00 Saadiens Sports Centre

19h30 at Boujloud Square
Saida Titrit (Morocco)
Giuanne di Thiesi Troupe (Italy)

21h00 at Bab Makina
Moha Ou Lhoussein Achiban, Ahidous (Morocco)
Mustapha Oumguil (Morocco)

Exhibitions at the Palais du Congres:
books, Amazigh carpets, ceramics and art
Exhibitions at Bab Makina: art by young painters, Amazigh carpets, jewellery and art

The International Conference will take place at the Palais du Congres. For more information and the conference programme, see the website http://y.ennaji.free.fr/festivalamazigh/accueil.htm



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thank you for the news,it's great!

Kate Lynn Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for the information! Would you mind doing a post about this years festival? I have been trying to find information about it, I believe it is in Agadir, but can't seem to find anything more.
Thank you, love your blog!