Thursday, July 24, 2008

Smoking ban in Morocco

This week Morocco's House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill banning smoking in public places, tobacco advertising and selling to minors. The bill is designed to create legal measures to prevent tobacco smoking, filling the legal gap that the absence of sanctions represented, limiting the bad effects of tobacco smoking and generating additional financial resources.

According to a statement from the Lower House, the measure is also aimed at protecting citizens' health, particularly that of young people, and intends to expand the ban of tobacco smoking in all enclosed public places, including public buildings and on public transport.

At the same time the authorities in charge of health and education will conduct campaigns to raise public awareness on the dangers of tobacco smoking in public.

It is still not clear how the law will be enforced but a statement says the the new law allows the police to draw up reports on any breach.



Anonymous said...

Many Muslim scholars now of a view that Smoking is illegal (haram). Maybe that's the reason why smoking is banned in Morocco...

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Margot the Marrakesh Mystic said...

All the smokers I know (even in my own family) aren't worried about this at all. They don't believe it's ever going to be enforced!

Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic