Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marrakech International Film Festival - 8th Edition

The 8th Marrakech international film festival (FIFM) will pay tribute to two world-famous actresses, American Sigoureney Weaver and Asian Michelle Yeoh. wThe festival runs from November 14th to 22nd.

Also, under the theme "40 years of the British cinema" the festival will screen 40 movies tracing the history of the British cinema - an industry that has managed to keep its unique flavour and style amidst globalised competition.

Cinema lovers will have a taste of Russian cinema through seven works of prominent Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky, as part of "Andrei Konchalovsky's Russia" special.

The festival will screen eleven Egyptian movies in a second tribute to the late film director Youssef Chahin, as part of "Best of Youssef Chahine" special. The festival had already paid tribute to the Egyptian legend in 2004.

Under the theme “50 years of Moroccan cinema”, the festival will pay tribute to the godfather of Moroccan Cinema, Mohamed Osfour.

The International Film Festival of Marrakech started in 2001 as one of the big events devoted to the 7th art in Morocco which has developed i recent years as the location for the filming of many international productions.


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