Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moroccans demonstrate

There have been two recent sets of demonstrations, each over very different issues. Yesterday Moroccans in the main cities staged sit-ins condemning the Israeli raids on Gaza. Both Moroccan and Palestinian flags were carried, as thousands of demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

On Christmas Day another type of demonstration occurred at the University Hassan II, Faculty of Letters, Mohammedia when a group of students protested after talks between the university administration and the National Union of Moroccan Students (UNEM) broke down. UNEM was attempting to delay the dates of final examinations. According to one of the students involved, exams usually take place in the first half of January, and the administration had announced in October that this year they would be held on December 25. Police were called to the demonstration, and 15 students arrested.


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Sadiq said...

thank you to the brave demonstrators in morocco.

may the oppressed perish.