Thursday, January 15, 2009

King Mohammed VI will not attend Arab summit

King Mohammed VI has decided not to attend in person the proposed extraordinary Doha Summit, to be exclusively devoted to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the Arab economic Summit, planned long beforehand, and which will address various issues, particularly the situation in occupied Palestine.

A press release of the king's office said on Wednesday the decision is due to objective reasons and sad considerations relating to the depressing Arab situation, whose deterioration has reached an unprecedented level in the history of Arab joint action.

The mere fact of proposing the convening of an Arab summit now gives rise to squabbling and outbidding tactics, even disputes between Arab countries, the release said, noting that sadly, these secondary disagreements eclipse the vital causes of the Ummah, particularly the Palestinian question, and obscure the very essence of the conflict in the region and play into the hands of the true enemies of the Arab world.

The communiqué notes that this atmosphere of disunity gives the Arab public opinion the impression that there are attempts to secure exclusive leadership of the Arab world or create specific axes or zones of influence, a prospect Morocco has always sought to avoid.

Instead of being about specific strategies, the current disputes unfortunately concern personal disagreements, exception among some wise leaders who are known for their balanced stances, it read.

Worse still, the release went on, some parties almost reduce Arab summits - as important as they may be - to their mere convening, or simply to the media coverage accompanying them. As a result, the stakes are reduced to nothing more than arguments about the summit’s venue, or timing, or subject, or again to the mere nature and level of participation; energies are thus wasted on reciprocal reproaches, which cause rifts to deepen further, it stressed.

Sadly, the press release of the king’s office deplores, this gives the adversaries of the Arab nation the opportunity to portray an image of Arab uncertainty, immaturity and irresponsibility, even the triviality of Arab meetings.

Beyond the magnitude and impact of the external aggression, we ought to recognize that the problem lies with the Arabs themselves; therefore any solution to the problem is to start with them, it said.

If the Arab world fails to reach solutions to inter-Arab problems, which are exhausting our resources, it will not be able to solve any external conflict. This is evidenced by the bitter reality of Arab stances toward the Israeli aggression against the brotherly Palestinian people.

It should be pointed out, for the sake of history and the truth, the communiqué underscored, that Morocco, pondering with deep sadness on the implications of the current critical situation, believes the sanctity of the Palestinian cause and the seriousness of Arab problems and dissensions require that we all show the highest degree of responsibility and rise to the historic moment.

It deemed that the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict requires a precise Arab strategy, efficient and rational action, concrete solidarity as well as a unified stance and the rejection of divisions and narrow interests.

This is the course of action to which Morocco has always been committed. It has remained in the forefront of those who have been defending, with wisdom, sincerity and commitment, the Palestinian cause as well as all other just Arab causes, both under late King Hassan II, and during the current reign of King Mohammed VI, the communiqué read.

It underlined that Morocco, its King, government and people, will continue to support the Palestinian cause, which our country considers to be just as sacred as the question of our territorial integrity.

At this critical juncture, and as the tragic situation in the Gaza Strip is calling out to the conscience of the Arab nation and, indeed, to mankind, the Moroccan people will proudly continue, as in the past, to support our Palestinian brothers, who are currently subjected to a brutal Israeli aggression.

Thus, and further to instructions by the sovereign, there have been various forms of uninterrupted support and assistance, as reflected by the emergency humanitarian airlift, the material assistance provided by the Moroccan State, and the solidarity and donations granted by all Moroccans.

In the same spirit of commitment and solidarity, it went on, Morocco will continue, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Committee of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, to focus all its efforts and action, at all levels and in various forums - be they bilateral, regional or international - on seeking a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict; a solution that will necessarily require the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, based on the Arab Peace Initiative and the resolutions of international legitimacy, which provide for the coexistence of a Palestinian state and an Israeli state, living in security and peace.

Building on these honest, sincere foundations, the source concluded, Morocco, together with all good willing Arab sister nations, wishes to reiterate its strong, enduring commitment to any Arab joint action, at all levels and in all sectors.

The Kingdom of Morocco will therefore take part in the forthcoming Arab Summit to be held in the sister nation, the State of Kuwait.



Tales From Bradistan said...

A lot of words that are merely an excuse for Moroccan inaction. Mohammed 6 is a pretty popular King but he is way out of step with the views of the Moroccan public. More than Arab leaders we need to stand with the people of Gaza and stop doing nothing and taking the American's money. Onyl one word can sum up this press release: "H'shuma".

Anonymous said...

I have profound sympathy with the suffering of the people of Gaza and am idealogically opposed to violence as means of settling disputes.But -- pause for a moment and put yourselves in the place of the people of southern Israel. If it was your city, town, village, rural environment would you condone being under continuous rocket attack? For three years? And there is not a scintilla of doubt that the people of Gaza are experiencing the consequences of choosing Hamas as their political leadership. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel by the force of arms. Thyey are jihadists. They use the civilian population as human shields. Hamas is as much responsible for the tragedy of Gaza as Israel is -- and the international community at large.

Anonymous said...

In the UK the people take action by not buying produce or products from Israel. This is a growing display of the very bad feelings towards Israel.
We are gathering signatures to place an Arms Embargo on Israel. To sign that go to the No. 10 Downing Street web site.
Please Morocco wake up and do something for your Brothers and Sisters in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

To Pema,
1. Palestinians elected Hamas in free, fair and democratic election overseen by international observers. The U.S. and Israel did not like the result, and thus proceeded to support Fatah's coup attempt in Gaza which failed.
2. Hamas may not have revised their charter, but have many times in the last year or more stated that they support the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002. They realize that Israel is there to stay.
3. They are "jihadists"? Jihad is an Arabic word meaning struggle. I struggle to be civil with a person as ignorant as yourself, my personal jihad.
4. Hamas or any other Palestinian resistance group has never used civilians as shields. The fact is that fighters live in their communities surrounded by their families. Where else do you expect them to live, in a place as crowded as Gaza?