Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Telephone numbers change in Morocco

Are you ready for the change?

Friday 6 March sees the addition of an extra digit in all Moroccan telephone numbers. Put simply, fixed lines get a 5 after the initial zero. Mobile phone numbers get a 6 after the initial zero.

Examples: 035 00 00 00 becomes 0535 00 00 00
072 00 00 00 becomes 0672 00 00 00

Emergency numbers will not change.



Dominick said...

N.B. the numbers don't change until midnight local time on Friday, 6th March, so will come into effect on 7th for most people.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some confusion. According to one of our readers, Weslby....

phone numbers in morocco change 0200 gmt sat mar7
Landlines (numéros Fixe)
Add a 5 after the zero. For example, the RAS number ( 037-67-14-76 )will
change to 05-37-20-89-37

or from overseas +212 53 720 8937 (OUR HOME NUMBER)

Cell phone numbers (numéros Mobile)
Add a 6 after the zero. For example, the number 061-20-54-57 will change to 06-61-37-35-14
or international +212 661 37 35 14 (MY CELL NUMBER).
Calling from US use instead of + SIGN, 011

Unknown said...

hi its ferdi from istanbul ,
i have a business with maroc,can you inform me about all phone number change ,
for example there is some number start with 7 , so what will hapen for this number ?