Sunday, June 28, 2009

Festival of Amazigh Culture

The 5th Edition of the Festival of Amazigh Culture takes place in Fez, 2-5 July 2009, Morocco. It is organised by the SPIRIT OF FES FOUNDATION, FES SAISS ASSOCIATION AND The SOUTH NORTH CENTRE, in partnership with The Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and Foundation BMCE


The festival is organized annually in an attempt to participatE in the national efforts to promote Amazigh culture. The main objective of this initiative is to highlight the historical and social significance of Arab-Amazigh cultural dialogue, and the role of culture in the process of democratization. The festival also aims to establish coherent strategies to consolidate intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, and democratic culture in the Muslim world.

The festival includes two MAJOR components:

- One devoted to the international conference on

“Multiculturalism and Democracy in the Muslim World”

- And another component devoted to the Amazigh music, arts, and poetry

The sub-themes of this conference are:

1. multiculturalism and political pluralism in Muslim countries
2. Democracy at the service of multiculturalism
3. multiculturalism, secularism, and Islam
4. modernity and social change
5. Multiculturalism, democratic culture, and Globalization
6. Multiculturalism and linguistic diversity
7. multiculturalism and artistic creation

The international conference will take place in the "palais des congrès" near the Wilaya of Fes, and the music concerts will take place at Bab Boujloud (8pm) and at Bab Makina (9:30 pm).
You are most welcome to attend. Entrance is free. Please bring your family and friends too.



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