Friday, October 14, 2011

Morocco Train Times App is a Winner

A new app for iPad and iPhone uses should prove very handy for travellers in Morocco. The app, Train Times Morocco, provides offline journey planning for trains and coaches throughout the country using the ONCF (the national rail network) timetables.

It is particularly handy for those in remote areas where access to the Internet is not possible.

The View from Fez Team road-tested (or should that be "rail-tested"?) the app on a trip from Fez to Tangier.

The interface is easy and intuitive.  The first screen is the journey planner and allows you to choose your station of departure and arrival. You select the stations from the comprehensive list and then press the "Get Times" button. It is fast and accurate. The creator of the app, promises that it will be updated regularly to include any changes to the schedules.


Another good feature is the map which shows the train stations as red pins and the places where it is necessary to take a bus, with green pins. By touching a pin that is the starting point, you can then touch your destination pin and the train times are displayed.  If you make a mistake, there is a handy reset button.

While timetables are not always available for smaller bus destinations, the majority of places are covered.

One possible improvement would be to display intermediate stations on a journey, particularly where a change of trains is needed.

One last bit of good news - for the moment the app is free from the iTunes store - see details here MOROCCO TRAIN TIMES.


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Amine Jaidi said...

Thanks you very much for the review. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the App and that it is of use to you.

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