Thursday, October 27, 2011

USA to Build New "Green" Embassy in Rabat

B.L. Harbert International is a company that specialises in building embassies around the world.  According to reports in the US, B.L.Harbert have the contract for a new $140 million U.S. Embassy compound in Rabat. The contract was awarded by the US State Department. Insiders say that, like recent buildings by the company, it will make full use of the latest green technology.

Harbart will design and build the U.S. embassy, with work to start as early as next month. The company says that the project will take three years to complete.

Recent work by the company has had a strong environmental slant. The US Embassy building in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, bagged the LEED Silver certification from the Green Building Certification Institute. The building has employed a host of green features. Presence of occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting add to the sustainability by reducing energy consumption. The facility uses solar energy for providing hot water and incorporates variable frequency drives. It is expected that the Rabat Embassy will also be a "green embassy".

B.L. Harbert International has built or is building more than two dozen U.S. embassies around the world, including the $734 million embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, now under construction. The Pakistan contract is huge, with a site that will encompass numerous structures, including chancery buildings, ambassador's residence, three apartment buildings, recreation facilities, parking facilities, site work and others.

Embassy construction now makes up 100 percent of the company's international work and two-thirds of its overall business.


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