Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fancy a Weekend Break in Libya?

Royal Air Maroc Resumes Flights to Libya

Those of you who have been hanging out for a weekend get away in Libya will be pleased to hear that Tripoli is now back on the tourist map.  Royal Air Maroc will its resume flights to Libya on November 21st.

On Thursday, Royal Air Maroc (RAM),announced it would resume its flights from Casablanca to Libya. This comes after the reopening of the Tripoli International Airport.

Tripoli International Airport

RAM says it would resume flights to Libya from the Mohamed V airport in Casablanca with three flights per week -- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Return flights to Tripoli from Casablanca were suspended for more than seven months because of the Libyan crisis.


Tripoli is worth a visit, with several major attractions. High up the list is Tripoli's Jamahiriya Museum. Set in a castle in the centre of the city, the museum houses artifacts from as far back as 6000BC including cave paintings and rock carvings. The collection also has Punic, Greek and Roman statues and articles collected from sits around Libya but mostly from Leptis and Sabratha. The museum is well laid out and can take a whole morning to explore. The top floor, which is visited less frequently, deals with the Berber and Arab heritage and a few Ghaddafi trophies but is still worth a visit. Note: the museum is closed on Fridays.

Green square or Assaha al Khadra as the local taxi drivers know it, is always a busy place to visit , except on Friday mornings when it is perfect for photography. On other days the constant traffic can be a real problem.

Just off the Green Square you will find Tripoli's Medina. While it is not at all as well preserved as the other North African Medinas, it is worth a vist to check out the jewelry and gold souqs. Red Jasper is particularly fine here,

There are 38 mosques inside the Medina, and at last report they do not mind tourists entering them and even taking photos. There are also three working hammam and several good restaurants. Try the one in the old Clock Tower and the Tripolis Restaurant near the harbor on the second floor of a restored courtyard.

The Red Castle at night
Also off the Green Square, you will find the very well preserved and virtually intact, Assai al-Hamra - the Red Castle.

Further afield explore the Pottery Stalls of Gharyan. Gharyan is approximately one hour south of Tripoli. You will find a huge selection of local as well as Tunisian and Moroccan pottery for sale


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