Friday, November 18, 2011

Moroccan Independence Day

The late King Mohammed V returns from Madagascar

Today Morocco celebrates the anniversary of the return of the late King Mohammed V from forced exile. The return which heralded an era of freedom and independence after the struggle of tne and the people to achieve liberation from colonial rule.

For 43 years Morocco had been under French and Spanish occupation since the announcement in 1912 of the Protectorate. Moroccans achieved independence after a long and laborious resistance by the King and the people which lead to the exile of the late King Mohamed V and the royal family for about three years during which time they were in Madagascar. You can read more about this exile in our earlier story HERE

The liberation struggle was initiated by people from all regions of the Kingdom,and the colonial authorities were left in no doubt that any attack on the person of the Sovereign would not be tolerated .




Anonymous said...

Congratulations Morocco! You have shown the world how a good global citizen an Islamic country can be. Happy Independence Day!

Alladin said...

There is coming one problem for independence day - most of my local souq is closed before I did my shopping ! Independence Day..Best wishes to the whole country !