Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Preparing for Eid al-Adha in Fez

Buying a sheep for Eid has never been easier. You can purchase them in a nearby souk, go to the country and negotiate with a farmer, or to the local supermarket where they have erected tents and sell the rams by the kilogram.  Then of course, there is the Internet and buying on-line.

The idea of E-sheep is not for everyone. Thami, who lives in the Fez Medina, told The View from Fez that he prefers to go to his home village and support the local producers, even if he has added transport costs. Eid does have an economic impact, especially on poorer families. So much so that in recent years many people resorting to bank loans set up specifically for Eid customers.

For those who do shop on-line for a sheep, there are some advantages. Bank executive, Tahiri Hamid, says it is more efficient than searching traditional markets. He says that while web prices are reasonable, sheep in the souks vary from one retailer to another. "Intermediaries are driving up prices," he complained to Maghrebia.com, "One must be a specialist to haggle and buy a good quality ram."

Getting your sheep is only the first step...

Getting it home is another story
Some methods are easier
And some sheep are better behaved

Walking your sheep home can take time
Then there are all the preparations - the charcoal and the barbecue
Of course your sheep will need feeding
...and your knives will need sharpening
...and the right barbecue equipment is essential
You do need a special "Eid Grill"


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