Monday, January 30, 2012

The Alchemy of Poetic Space- Majoubi Aherdan Exhibits in Rabat

The master of "the alchemy of poetic space"
Painter, poet, writer and politician, Mahjoubi Aherdan is a man who has dedicated half his life to promoting and protecting Amazigh culture in Morocco. The veteran artist's works are presently on display at the National Theatre in Rabat.

The works reflect the 100 year-old artist's devotion and love for Amazigh (Berber) culture. Over the years Aherdan's works have been displayed all over the world and his paintings have done a lot to introduce people to the Amazigh culture of Morocco.

"I am a free man. I came to this state of freedom through the painting. We must dare in painting as in everything," - Mahjoubi Aherdan
Mahjoubi Aherdan's work is also commemorated on Moroccan postage stamps

Perhaps what helps his art stand out from others is his diverse experience over the years. He served his country in Morocco's battle for independence from France and went on to hold a string of ministerial posts. He is a creative artist, poet and writer, according to many who admire his work, Aherdan and his art is helping to revive Amazigh culture across the region.


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