Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Louche" author in Tangier

François Beaune 
In 2013, France's Marseille-Provence will become the European Capital of Culture - a major festive and popular event on an international scale and specifically throughout the Mediterranean region which is at the heart of the artistic programming to be presented to the public.

Among the projects  is a  literary initiative of the writer François Beaune  French writer.

François Beaune, is an interesting character. Born in 1978 in Clermont-Ferrand he currently resides between Lyon and Marseille He is the author " Un homme louche ", published in September 2009 by Verticales. In December 2011, he set off in search of "True stories of the Mediterranean", in partnership with Marseille-Provence. Beaune will travel over a one year period to twelve Mediterranean ports. Radio Arte will also broadcast reports .

"True Tales of the Mediterranean" is an ambitious project which hinges on a collection of true stories told by the voices of writers and the public throughout the Mediterranean region, bringing together different languages and histories. François Beaune says that he does not like "to safeguard", or "to pickle" the Mediterranean memory, but on the contrary to present new raw material, to see and think differently above current society.

François has decided to take on a collection in 13 port cities of the Mediterranean in 13 countries, supported by teams based in Marseille and correspondents in each of the cities. A multilingual website, in the form of a shared digital library was set up in December 2011 to collect people’s stories. Participants will be able to post tales in written, visual or sound form, depending on what is most common in their language and country of residence.

A logbook, published on the website, will keep participants up to date on the project in 2012. This logbook will take the form of a travel journal, written by François Beaune. After a first stopover in Barcelona, during December 2011, François has just arrived in Tangier, and will stay in Morocco throughout January 2012, before continuing his trip. It sounds like a dream job for an author between novels.


 If you happen to be in Tangier today (January 14), then take the opportunity to meet François at the Librairie des Colonnes Bookshop at 6 pm to present the project "True Tales of the Mediterranean". From January the bookshop will set up a mailbox for the public to submit true tales in the language of their choice, and the best will be read out loud in to the bookshop with François Beaune.


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