Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mariah Carey at Morocco's Mawazine Festival 2012

Since Mariah Carey attempted to opt out of the spotlight around eighteen months ago in order to have her twins, she has been under intense scrutiny. The main reason for all the attention was that Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon named their children Moroccan and Monroe. At the same time Ms Carey showed the world the Moroccan-themed room in her New York apartment.

The choice of names was a great generator of media focus, but not always with the result an aspiring pop-diva might have hoped. The couple’s son Moroccan tied with Alicia Silverstone’s son’s name Bear Blu for the worst boy’s name of the year, according to Ministry of Gossip. More than 10,000 visitors to voted on the worst and best names of the year.

But despite the adverse publicity in the gossip rags, it has paid off in one way. Mariah Carey has the closing night gig at the Moroccan Mawazine Festival. It will be her first performance since the birth of her twins last year.

 The 11th Mawazine Festival runs in Rabat from May 18th to May 26th. According to the organisers, Mariah Carey will close the festival with a set that includes at least two new songs.

 As The View from Fez has reported in the past, previous performers have included Shakira, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Elton John and Whitney Houston.

Elton John at Mawazine

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Anonymous said...

There is a saying in Morocco that goes like this "What do you need you the man in rags? I need a ring sir!".
What this means is that these mega festivals do not help in any way, shape or form to improve the conditions of the average Moroccan. It is a way for the youth to escape their gloomy futures and have a good time. And this is where the controversy starts: Some see these festivals as the equivalent of Roman games. It is free entertainment to keep the masses quiet.
Personally, I couldn't care for this type of entertainment. It is alien to my concept of what a Moroccan festival should be about and what kind of music should be promoted by these festivals.

Anonymous said...

Gee what a pessimistic comment! I personally love these kind of festivals and I am also a big fan of Mariah Carey. Love her coming to Morocco!

Fatima Zohra said...

Yes, the person who left the first comment is the kind of person who is holding our country back. His analysis and conclusions are childish. A Moroccan festival is what Moroccans make it. He should grow up.

Thank you for letting me say what I think.

Anonymous said...

I am not from morocco but i hope to be here during this time to see this it sounds amazing!! ( look for the short american girl lol)

Anonymous said...

And yet we find people who can make everything sound horrible ..hey first comment writer GET A LIFE !! love me some Mariah in Morocco but sadly won't make it there to see ..sniffff!

Breian Brockington said...

I am a Black American living in Morocco, and I look forward to events like this. It gives me a sense of normalcy here. Things can be so stringent here. Sometimes you need a break, release from all the seriousness and racial harrassment. And to the 1st commentor. These events help promote your country as a more tolerent, cultural open place to visit. No matter how missleading that may be.