Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Morocco's National Eggs Day

The oddest story this week comes from Maghreb Arabe Presse and concerns a rather large cooking demonstration - the biggest omelette dish in Africa.

No yoking! The gigantic dish was prepared in Marrakech on Saturday using around 22,100 beaten eggs in celebration of National Eggs Day.  Until this moment The View from Fez team were unaware that eggs had their own special "national" day, but feel duty bound to report it without totally cracking up.

A total of fifteen cooks took part in cooking the omelette which needed 85 litres of frying oil in a giant pan that measures 5 metres in diameter and 17 centimetres in height. There was no information on how many other people were involved in egg-cracking, egg-beating or, indeed, eating the enormous offering.

Speaking on this occasion, chairman of the National Eggs Association, Abdellatif Azaim, said that the event is organised to raise awareness about the nutritional value of eggs. The culinary event was organised by the National Eggs Association in partnership with the Federation of Poultry Sector professionals.

In keeping with the importance of National Eggs Day, The View from Fez team can happily report we cracked one into a pan for breakfast. Happy Eggs Day to our readers!



Anonymous said...

This is egg-straordinary.
I couldn't resist the cheap pun.

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Amanda said...

Astonishing - and who knew that eggs had their own day?!!