Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Morocco's Number One Female Golfer

Maha Haddioui is a woman making history on the golf course. As the first Arab woman to compete in a professional golf tournament, Maha says she is desperate to make a breakthrough on one of the major tours in Europe or the United States.

The twenty-two year-old Moroccan grew up in Agadir, where, thanks to being raised in a very liberal family, she was encouraged to practice on local courses near her home. Her talent was quickly obvious and resulted in support coming from Morocco's Sport's Ministry.

After completing school Maha spent four years on the collegiate golf circuit in the United States, studying at Lynn University in Florida and earning the accolade of top-ranked NCAA Division II women's golfer during that time.

Maha recently told CNN that her lifetime ambition is to follow in the footsteps of Morocco's legendary middle-distance track and field athletes and win Olympic gold. Fortunately for her, the timing is right as golf, after a 100 year absence, will again become an Olympic sport Brazil in 2016.

"I have always watched the Olympics with my father and it is the biggest sports event worldwide," Haddioui told CNN. "We have had some great Moroccan athletes like Hicham El Guerrouj that have made the country proud, and my dream is to follow in their footsteps."

Maha, who speaks four languages, is not shy about mixing politics and sport "I am a big supporter for freedom and peaceful change," Haddioui said. "We had a couple of peaceful protests in Morocco which have led to major changes in the constitution of the country, but we have enjoyed our freedoms in Morocco for decades."

And her goal? "My aim is to be the first Moroccan and Arab golfer to make it into the European Tour," she said. "I hope that there will be a lot more women that will follow in my footsteps."


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Anonymous said...

This young lady should stick to hitting the small ball with her clubs.
She obviously lives in a different Morocco from the rest of us.
Having the nerve to utter such a nonsense as "We have enjoyed our freedoms in Morocco for decades" just shows how out of touch these privileged kids really are.
They are born with a gold spoon in her mouth, had the opportunity to study in the USA, and assumes everybody has it made like her.
If only sports people would stick to commenting about their sports and not try to venture into politics. They make such lousy politicians.
There are exceptions of course, but they mostly confirm the rule "Do not utter any nonsense about politics just because you excel at a given sport!".