Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moroccan Photography Tours For Photographers

A series of photography tours with a difference - a photography course where Morocco is the subject. Each ten day course is a tour of Morocco designed by photographers for photographers.

Photo projects will include: portraiture, model work, architecture, ethnographic, documentary, editorial, and entertaining (maybe even slightly competitive) scavenger hunt assignments.

The trip will be an intense immersion into both photography and Moroccan culture. And one of the best ways to see/frame a culture is to understand and learn about your subject.

Youssef Khalfaoui, the Moroccan Photographer and tour leader has been a tour coordinator and leader for over 15 years and is an avid photographer. He is fluent in Arabic, Berber, French and English.

Jake and Youssef

Jake Warga is from Seattle. He is a professional photographer, journalist and instructor who fell in love with Morocco while working on a photo assignment for the Morocco Tourism Bureau. His photos are represented by Corbis and Getty Images, and a multimedia series Faces of Africa was exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum. He teaches photography and filmmaking and holds a masters in Visual Anthropology from the University of London. Jake has traveled to over 50 countries for various assignments and personal curiosity.

Jake has been featured on The View from Fez several times in our Photo of the Day series. He is also the man behind the wonderful artisan series - a story we ran back in May (see it here).

For additional information and contact details please visit:

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Adolf Dyer said...

Thanks a lot for the information. Food is the main concern for me when planning a holiday and it seems to be tempting in Morocco. I would like to know what is the best time for
tours of Morocco.

Stock photography cd said...

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This is really nice blog , you have sharing best information about your tour . Thanks..