Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Football Fireworks in Fez

Loud explosions over the Medina of Fez last night caused concern for some and delight for others. No it was not an "incident",  but rather a fireworks display

Immediately theories abounded as to why fireworks. Was it to do with the Eid Holiday? The Hajj? Or some splashing out by the new Mayor?

The answer was a touch more mundane (unless you are a football fanatic). Maghreb Fez vs RCA Casablanca 1-1 with Fez eliminating RCA Casa on penalties (4-2)

Maghreb Association Sportive de Fez (Arabic: المغرب الفاسي‎) is a football club based in Fez. The club was founded in 1946.

Thanks to Annan from Thai Restaurant Moi Annan for the photographs.

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