Saturday, October 17, 2015

40th Anniversary of the Call for the "Green March"

Yesterday, October 16th, was the 40th anniversary of the day that the country's King called for an event which became Morocco's famous Green March

The announcement back in 1975 by the late Hassan II of the Green March resulted in an event which became an important part of Morocco's contemporary history by enabling Morocco to recover its southern provinces. It came after the confirmation by the Court of Justice in The Hague of the existence of Morocco's legal ties to the Sahara.

In its opinion, dated 16 October, the Court of Justice ruled that the Sahara has never been "terra nullius," and that there were legal ties between the territory and the Kingdom of Morocco. On the same day Hassan II decided to call for the organisation of a peaceful Green March in early November.

Citizens responded on November 6th with the participation of 350,000 Moroccans 10% of whom were women. Forty years after the Green March, Morocco will again celebrate the return of the Southern provinces.

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