Monday, October 05, 2015

Ongoing Alcohol Skirmishes in Morocco

Wine Harvest Festival in Marrakech - But Casablanca Beer Festival Cancelled

Just as the good folk of Casablanca were preparing to celebrate Morocco's first Beer Festival, a statement was issued from the Wilaya of Casablanca prohibiting the holding of this event from October 8th to November 8th. Yet, on the same day Marrakech announced it is to hold a wine harvest celebration over this coming weekend.

The Morocco's Breweries Group, were told by the Wilaya that they must stop advertising the beer festival, to removing the event's promotional posters and to refrain from further organising.

The news comes as a blow to beer enthusiasts from the UK, France, Canada and the USA who were looking forward to tasting the local Moroccan beers. Simon, a beer enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, says he was excited about the prospect of visiting Morocco, but now says he feels "gutted".

In the light of this decision the wine makers must be wondering if their event will go ahead. The hub of the Wine Harvest festivities will be at Jardin d'Ines with guests including the French chef Christophe Leroy and winemaker Patrick Baudry. There will also be a gala dinner, exhibitions and meetings of artists, all in the aim of promoting the wine culture in the Red City.

Cheers! Here's to Marrakech!

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