Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Storytellers Raise Funds For Medina Children's Library


A Deep Travel Workshop with Erin Byrne and New York storyteller Doug Cordell (seated right)

Deep Travel is a unique venture, combining writing, storytelling workshops and travel in Morocco. This week they were based in Moulay Idriss Zerhoune, where they held a special evening hosted by Mike Richardson (Cafe Clock - Marrakech and Fez). Not only was the evening a sensational success, but the storytellers raised a generous donation for the Medina Children's Library in Fez

While Mike Richardson and his Scorpion House team put the final touches to the feast, the workshop storytellers gathered around a fire on the balcony to savour the poems of poet and artist Anna Elkins.

Anna Elkins  poems as delicate as her paintings

Anna Elkins, one of the workshop leaders, is the author of the illustrated vignette The Heart Takes Flight, the novel The Honeylicker Angel and a collection of poetry, The Space Between.

Following the poetry reading and a display of Omar Chennafi's fine photographs, the storytelling took a backseat as Mike and his team worked his famous culinary magic.

Mike, Hamza and Rachida  provided fabulous food and hospitality
Tour organiser, Christina Ammon was in fine form
Workshop tutor, Erin Byrne receives a birthday surprise
Novelist and storyteller, Sandy McCutcheon, wrapped up the night
Top photo: Omar Chennafi. All other photographs: Suzanna Clarke

Donations to the Medina Children's Library are welcome! Please contact: 

Deep Travel:

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