Monday, November 02, 2015

Coming Up ~ 9th Tamawayt Festival in Ouarzazate

On November the fifth the Tamawayat Festival will draw thousands to the city of Ouarzazate to experience the style of sung poetry known as Tamawayt

Ouarzazate is known worldwide as a platform for film production, but it is far more. The city has always been a cultural crossroads, where its wealth and its openness and its ability to adapt has made it a cultural hub.

 Tamawayt, (Tamhawacht) is a form of poetry sung by the women of the Middle Atlas. It is described as the "sound of the mountainous regions that echo to the women's majestic voices and captivates the soul and expresses the core of human existence and the communion with the earth and life".

Tamawayt produces a magic harmony  between the voices, melodies and poems.

Giving the festival a unique sense of history is the location at the foot of the World Heritage listed Taourirt Kasbah.

Since its creation, the festival management has encouraged artistic collaboration between local musicians and major names who have made it on the national and international art scene.  They have also built in platforms for cultural exchanges to enrich the artists and the public.

Visitors are promised a rich and varied program from  exponents of Zajal and Amazigh poetry over three poetic and musical evenings.

On the opening night (November 5) highlights "Qantara"led by the artist Abdel Majid Bekkas and will showcase readings with poets and Ahmed Lmaseyeh Hafid Lamtouni.

On November 6 there is  a show with Samia Ahmed and Rachid Zeroual, accompanied by the poet Mimoun Alghazi.

November 7th sees a performance by the artist SaidaFikri, followed by the musical performance by Lahcen Khokhto.

The 9th edition of Festival Tamawayt also features: Jamila Mimoun Elghazi Abitar, Majida Dahiri, Driss Melyani, Sanâoui Bouazza Mohamed Ouakrar, Hamida Belbali Driss Rguibi, Kabira Tabaâmrante,  Fatima Chahid and Naziha Abakrim.

The visual arts will be present at Tamawayt, through a collective exhibition of painters: Guy Demont (France) Saâdia Moukrine, Khadija Tantawi Mohamed Benyahia and Omar Aksbi (Morocco)

Tamawayt  theatre will feature the Diées'Art Casablanca troupe presenting the show "Travel Hackers" directed by playwright Abdellah Hajjaj.

This edition is organised in partnership with ATLASINFO, the General Council and the City Council of the city of Ouarzazate with the support of Ministry of Culture, the Manajim Foundation, the Regional Council of Tourism, the National Agency for the Support of the Argan tree oasis and the voluntary development network of the city of Ouarzazate.

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