Monday, November 23, 2015

French Films in Fez

The month of documentary - 16th edition - With the support of the French Institute

Thursday 26 and Friday, November 27th, 19h, Cinema Boujloud, Fez Medina.

Thursday 26: La Cour de Babel by Julie Bertuccelli - (2013)

They are college students, aged 11-15 years, together in the same reception class to learn French. A film that expresses innocence, energy and the contradictions of teenagers who, animated by the same desire to change life, challenge many ideas on youth and integration.

Friday 27: Golden Sleep by Davy Chou (2011)

The young Cambodian film world was abruptly halted in 1975 by the coming to power of the Khmer Rouge. Most movies have disappeared, the actors were killed and cinemas became karaoke restaurants. "Golden Sleep" is the story of a few survivors and tries to awaken the spirit of this forgotten film industry.

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