Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Moroccans Celebrate Independence Day

November 18th in Morocco is known as Eid Al Istiqulal (Independence Day), and honours the return of King Mohammed to Morocco from exile in Madagascar. On this day the king proclaimed the freedom of Morocco from France and Spain who had colonised the country for 44 years

Independence Day is a national holiday in Morocco and throughout the country Moroccans celebrate the 59th anniversary of their country’s independence.

Yet there are still many who think that Morocco’s independence is not complete and point to the remaining territories that still needed to be liberated - Sebta, Melilla and the Moroccan Sahara.

Samir Bennis, writing for Morocco World News suggests that "Morocco has never gotten rid of French dominance, and that Moroccans currently live under another form of colonialism, a cultural, linguistic, and class-based colonialism that has lingered in government, business, and academia".

Those issues aside, Moroccans have a lot to bcelebrate. The country negotiated the so-called Arab Spring, with great sucess and as a result the country is the safest and most tolerant in the region. Development continues, and although there are still many issues to deal with, a majority of Moroccans fell positively about the future. Poverty, corruption and unemployment remain, but there is tangible progress being made.

Google added it's congratulations!

The View From Fez congratulates Morocco on Eid Al Istiqulal

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