Thursday, January 07, 2016

Fez - Way ahead in Waste Collection

The daily collection of household waste is something many cities can only dream of, but in Fez it is a reality, with between 700 and 1,000 tons collected each day. And waste collection is going to improve even further

Visitors to Fez often remark on the cleanliness of the Fez Medina  and compare it to many Western cities where garbage collection only occurs once a week. Ozone, the waste collection service in Fez, employs 1,160 people and has an annual budget of 138 million dirhams.

Mayor Driss Azami Idrissi and the CEO of Ozone, Aziz El Badraoui,  have announced the implementation of an action plan including the improvement of the quality of cleaning and garbage collection in the six districts of the city.

The plan includes the eradication of galvanised bins as well as the introduction of paper trays in schools. The company is expected to address waste and uncleanliness in targeted strategic sectors, giving priority to disadvantaged and overcrowded neighbourhoods, the main shopping streets and the most frequented tourists sites.

In addition there is to be a clamp down on littering and in cases where the cleanliness rules are not followed, Mr. Azami, called for implementation of "polluter pays" to penalise producers of waste or rubble.

The mayor has signalled that he wants Fez to have proper street numbering, better parking lots and proper organisation of street vendors.

The Director General of Ozone, Aziz El Badraoui, vowed to spare no effort to improve their services, including night collections in the main districts of the city. He pointed out that the city of Fez already has a controlled landfill site, which was not only a first at national level but at the African level. The modern solid waste management process, he said, enabled the preservation of the environment of the region. The landfill, located in the town of Ain Beida processes some 900 tons of solid waste per day of which nearly 700 tons is household waste.

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