Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Violeta Caldres - Exhibition - And New Enterprise

"Life is a constant game of love and passions that come and go, that leave their mark and that slowly shape our personality."- Violeta Caldrés

Fez artist Violeta Caldrés has an exhibition at the Craft Draft Gallery. It opened a few days ago, continues for the next 10 days and is certainly worth a visit.

The art work on display is "delicate and yet rich with feelings of both the calamities and marvels of women in modern society".

It speaks  of flesh and blood, of the hardness of life and the contradictions and passions of women

The exhibition is free and open to the general public at the Craft Draft Gallery, 17 Funduk Khrashfiyeen, Rcif, Fes Medina

For more information contact  Hamza El Fasiki 06 49 89 41 97

Would you like to travel back in time to the era of sultans and harems? You will dress up as an Arabian princess or a Berber prince and spend time in ancient riads, palaces or gardens of Fes. Experience the fairy tale of "One Thousand and One Nights" and take home memories from the photo session that will stay with you for life.
Violeta and her good friend Agata have launched a new enterprise that should be a hit with visitors to Fez. Forget taking selfies, and take home a professional "Arabian photo portrait".

Combining beautiful traditional costumes, henna decoration and amazing locations, the experience will be more than simply a photographic souvenir.

Contact Details
Violeta: +212 673 227 942
Agata: +212 648 793 720

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