Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Burqa Cross-Dressing Arrests

On Monday police in a village near Sidi Bibi in the southern province of Chtouka, arrested two men wearing burqas in public. At present there is no explanation of why the men were wearing female clothing

The police, who searched the house of the two men, found more burqas and ascertained that no women lived in the house. A judicial source said that the men wore the burqas so as not to be identified. A police investigation has begun by the Chtouka gendarmerie to determine the reasons why the two men had taken to wearing this Afghan style clothing in this region of Souss.

It is understood that the other villagers believed that the two men were actually women who covered themselves from head to foot out of modesty and respect for the precepts of Islam.

It is interesting that these arrests come on the heels of the government move to ban the sale and manufacture of the burqa in Morocco (see story here)


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