Thursday, February 23, 2017

Casablanca Becomes a War Zone - For Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan casts downtown Casablanca as a setting for the Yemeni civil war - much to the surprise of the locals

The new film by Chinese star Jackie Chan, "Desert Storm", which deals with the current civil war in Yemen, turned the centre of Casablanca into a war zone.

Locals were bemused to discover that some areas of their city had been transformed into a battlefield. The scene in the neighbourhood next to the Casablanca central market was no longer familiar, but rather like scenes usually seen on news reports from Yemen.

Amidst the smoke and devastation were the mangled bodies of burnt-out cars, pickup trucks armed with anti-aircraft cannon and machine-guns, troop transports and heavily armed soldiers.

A few days ago, it was the Dakar tunnel, leading to the Boulevard de la resistance, which served as a set.

Moroccan moviegoers will have to be patient, before discovering a transformed Casablanca, in the feature whose release date has not yet been revealed. Those hoping to see Jackie Chan were disappointed to learn that the man himself was not on set.

The Dakar tunnel, the main stage of earlier shooting, was cut with barricades of sandbags and patrolled by armoured vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft guns and military transport trucks.

Jackie Chan was not on the set

The shooting took place with a large number of extras - some in military uniform and others in traditional Yemeni clothing, all of them armed for war.


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