Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Flying Carpet Flights - Tel Aviv to Casablanca?

The Israeli media are reporting that the Israeli tour operator Flying Carpet is looking at launching a flight link between Tel Aviv and Casablanca and Marrakech on a weekly basis starting in May

If the flights go ahead they will be the first since 2004 when, at the time of the Second Intifada, Flying Carpet suspended flights from Tel Aviv to Marrakesh

According to the reports Flying Carpet will link Israel and Morocco via flights operated by the Italian low-cost carrier Neos. To circumvent the absence of an air agreement between the kingdom and Israel, the tour operator plans a passage through the city of Catania in Sicily before connecting Morocco. The main reason that these flights are going to be stopping in Catania, Sicily for a short period of time is because Morocco and Israel don’t have a mutual flight agreement planes from one country are not allowed to fly directly to the other.

To get around this, the plane will land in Catania, where passengers disembark from the aircraft, receive new tickets showing the origin of the flight being from Italy, and re-board the plane, and then fly on to Morocco.

The plane's flight log will also register as only flying to and from Italy, as opposed to and from Israel.

The price of the ticket will be 600 dollars and the flights initially once a week, with a rotation between the airports of Casablanca and Marrakech. A test phase will be launched for two months before becoming regular.


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