Friday, March 03, 2017

RyanAir Expands its Moroccan Services

The low-cost Irish airline Ryanair has launched thirteen new routes for its 2017 Moroccan winter programme 

The new routes will be in addition to those already existing and will include seven new lines for Marrakech.

Marrakech is now connected to Budapest and Cologne by flights scheduled twice a week.

Three new routes have been set up to Fez;  from Bremen, Munich Memmingen and Seville, also twice a week.

A new line will be operational for Rabat and Tangier from Eindhoven, while Nador will be connected to Dusseldorf, all with twice weekly connections.

Agadir will have five routes a week (three to Brussels Charleroi and two to London Stansted), while Oujda will have six weeklies (two to Paris-Bauvais, two to Brussels Charleroi and two to Marseilles).

The company now has 68 lines "which will deliver 22% growth, 3.1 million customers per year and support 2,300 jobs on-site in the seven Moroccan airports where Ryanair operates lines.  The company claims that it "is also attracting record bookings", a popularity aroused notably by new frequencies to destinations "ideal for family holidays [with] lower rates ".

Ryanair's chief of staff Eddie Wilson said that "these new lines will go on sale tomorrow (Friday, March 3), on the Ryanair website, as we continue to make progress in tourism, employment And traffic in Morocco, and to mark our commitment to Morocco ".


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