Monday, March 20, 2017

The View From Fez - 4 Million Visitors!

On Monday, March the 20th, 2017, The View From Fez reached a milestone of 4 million visitors!

Since our first story back on October 24th 2005 The View From Fez has posted more than 5,200 stories about Fez and Morocco. Over that time we have had contributions from many talented photographers, writers, artists and journalists - to them: our thanks!

While our stories are read in over 100 countries, the top 10 contains only one surprise - the growing interest from Russia. Also growing in importance, though not yet in the top 10, is China, which provides a growing number of visitors.

Since we started analysing our numbers with Google Analytics, our 4 million visitors have contributed to more than 5,524,159 page views and around 30% are regular visitors. For those who enjoy statistics, 30% of our visitors are aged between 25 and 24, with 45% being female and 55% male.

All our posts are searchable, which has resulted in some pages being particularly popular. Top among them are: Moroccan Recipes (125,000 visits), Beginners Guide to Moroccan Carpets ( 116,000 visits) and Basic Facts about Morocco (66,000 visits).

One of the great pleasures of working on the blog is the interaction with local artisans and artists as well as having become a Media Partner with the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music as well as the Fes Festival of Amazigh Culture.

We would like to thank our sponsors who, year after year, have allowed The View From Fez to contribute to our local community through such things as paying for surgery for a young female burns victim, the Girls Home in Ziat and the Medina Children's Library. In addition we were able to take the Hamadcha Sufi Brotherhood to Australia for two major Festivals; Woodford and the Sydney Festival in 2015.

The Hamadcha performing in Australia

The View From Fez would not be possible without the hard work of photo-journalist, Suzanna Clarke, who not only contributes to the blog but also assists in answering the floods of emails!

Finally, a big thank you to our readers and our local community here in Fez.



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