Thursday, March 23, 2017

Writers Assist the Medina Children's Library

This week the Medina Children's Library received a generous donation from the participants in this year's Deep Travel Writing Workshop

The View from Fez headquarters at Riad Zany was the venue for the fundraising dinner on Wednesday night. Among the 25 guests were Deep Travel organisers, Christina Ammon and Anna Elkins, photographer, Omar Chennafi, and renowned travel writer, Tim Cahill.

The evening included the launch of a superb new anthology and readings from writers represented in the book, Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco, edited by Erin Byrne. Erin was unable to attend this years workshops but was present as a cardboard cut out of her face!

Suzanna Clarke, Christina Ammon, ( rin Byrne), Tim Cahill, Sandy McCutcheon, Anna Elkins

The feast, cooked up by Rachida El Jokh and her mother, included salads, lamb with apricots, chicken with preserved lemon and a kiwifruit, mint and strawberry yogurt dessert - delicious.

The money raised goes towards supporting the Medina Children's Library, which provides a child-friendly space with hundreds of books, storytelling and art workshops and receives a thousand visits from Medina children every month.

Our thanks to organiser and chef, Rachida El Jokh


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