Friday, April 14, 2017

On the Lighter side - Anything is Possible in Morocco

Recently a tourist guide in Fez was overheard saying "Anything is possible in Morocco." Generally, we would agree with that. However, a recent email asking where to get food for a pet snake, had our colleagues flummoxed!

So, the challenge is on to see if such a request can be met in Morocco.

Which brings us to another story about Sidi Hamza, a Moroccan from Fez, who went to the US embassy in Rabat to get a visa for a visit to his friends in America.

When asked where he was going, Hamza replied,"San Jose".

The embassy official frowned and then corrected Hamza, informing him that San Jose is pronounced "San Hose" and that the "J" is pronounced as "H" in the States...

"So how long is your stay in San Jose?"

Hamza didn't miss a beat: "Six months; from Hanuary to Hune."


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