Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Do you speak English ? Yabiladi does!

The push towards wider acceptance of the English language in Morocco has just been strengthened by the decision by Yabiladi to provide an English-speaking portal for English-speaking readers : Meet the new Yabiladi

In their own words: "Yabiladi is finally launching an English version dedicated to its readers around the world. The online newspaper will be a gateway to Morocco for its English-speaking audience".

English is particularly important for the tourism market. Most switched on media outlets have come to realise that English is essential as, if not the first language of visitors, it is most often the second. German, Swedes, Finns, Dutch, Norwegians, Chinese and Russians overwhelmingly have English as their second language - not French. Yabiladi has made a prudent choice in creating an English language portal.

With 15 years of experience in the field of media, 7 million monthly visitors and 500,000+ subscribers, Yabiladi has come a long way after its inception in Paris. Dedicated to the Moroccan diaspora, the website has eventually made its way to the Kingdom, operating in Casablanca since 2007.

First published in French, the portal decided to broaden its audience in Morocco and reach the non-French speaking diaspora by launching an Arabic version a few years back. It seemed primordial afterwards to expand our reader base, targeting Moroccans who are neither French nor Arabic-speakers. Such project was seen by Yabiladi's team as a natural step forward since English is a widely-spoken language the world over.
Yabiladi is officially launching its new English version that will meet the needs of its visitors globally. The newly established edition will include local and world news, our forums and all the other services that the site has to offer.
This milestone which was reached after two months of work, collaboration and dedication, has been an exciting challenge for the Yabiladi team. A new chapter in the history of our platform is in the writing and your valuable comments and contributions for continuous improvement will be most welcome.


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