Saturday, May 13, 2017

Fes Festival - Sunday 14th Programme

Toumani Diabaté

 09h00-13h20 – Karaouine Library, Seffarine Square; Forum.
 NOTE: This venue may have changed, so we suggest you clarify with the Festival office.

16h30 ‒ Jnan Sbil Garden - Marlui Miranda – The Soul of the Amazon Forests ‒ Brazil
"In the Brazilian language Kamayurá, the word Ihu means sound … all that penetrates our soul through our hearing, including the voices of spirits and of the magic entities of the forest" ~ Marlui Miranda, on her album of the same name
Dar Batha – 18h30  Film: Caravan of Love in Ethiopia by Marc Vella and Hubert Lagente. In the presence of Marc Vella France – 2016 – 60min – in French – Produced by Empyrées In partnership with the French Institute in Fes

Dar Adiyel – 18h30 Inouraz – Berber song, poetry and dance from the Souss – Morocco
The Inouraz Ensemble (meaning ‘hope’ in Tamazight) was established ten years ago on the plains of the Souss, in the south where Amazigh and African cultures converge. The five artists harmoniously meld Berber melodies with sub-Saharan rhythms, conjuring up the freedom of jazz.

21h00 ‒ Bab al Makina Songhai – from Andalusian gypsy to Mandinka traditions ‒ Spain, Mali and UK. Toumani Diabaté, José Miguel Carmona, Juan Carmona and Javier Colina revive the spirit of Songhaï, a splendid musical collaboration that brings together the energy of flamenco and the dexterity of Mandinka music.

21h00 ‒ Boujloud Square (free of charge) Said Guissi and Asmae Lamnawar

22h00 ‒ Boujloud Cinema Bel Leil Al Zaman – The Nile Café – Egypt. Tribute to the Baladi culture of the Nile. In collaboration with the French Institute in Fes

23h00 – Dar Tazi Sufi Night (free of charge) - Tijaniyya brotherhood - al anouar zaouia idrissia – Moulay Idriss Zerhoune

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