Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Morocco's Heatwave reaches 46 Celsius

Morocco's heatwave is a scorcher with temperatures rising to 46 degrees this week. The heat wave should continue until at least Saturday

In a special bulletin, the Directorate of National Meteorology indicated that this rise in temperatures is due to the “chergui”, a hot wind coming from the south of the country and that it should continue until Saturday

Today (Tuesday) Tata, Zagora, Errachidia, Taounate, Moulay Yacoub, Taza, Guercif, Oujda, Sefrou, El Hajeb, Fez and Khénifra will experience temperatures ranging from 41 to 44 degrees.

Temperatures between 38 and 41 degrees are expected in Figuig, Beni Mellal, Marrakech, Sidi Kacem, Sidi Slimane, Meknes, Khouribga, Ouazzane, Boulemane, Taourirte and Jerada.

From Wednesday, July 12 to Saturday, July 15, temperatures between 42 degrees and 46 degrees are forecasted in Taounate, Moulay Yacoub, Fez, Sidi Kacem, Sidi Slimane, Meknes, Sefrou, Taza, Guercif, Oujda, Taourirte, Ouazzane, Sidi Kacem, Sidi Slimane, Khémisset, Khénifra, Khouribga, Fkih Ben Saleh, Settat, Kelaat De Seraghna, Marrakech, Beni Mellal, Rhamna, Tata, Zagora, and Assa Zag.

Morocco World News issued a warning to tourists and locals, saying they should follow these tips to keep hydrated and avoid over-exhaustion:

Drink plenty of hydrating fluids, and avoid caffeine, stimulants, diuretics, and alcoholic beverages as they have dehydrating properties. Avoid heavy meals.

Wear light and loose fitting clothing that will allow perspiration to evaporate and cool the body. Wear wide-brimmed hats in light colors to keep the sun from overheating the head and neck and from hurting the eyes.

Apply sunscreen 15 or more 30 minutes before exiting, and continue to reapply according to the instructions of the package.

Avoid strenuous exercises during daylight hours when temperatures are at their highest. Do aerobics and other exercises after sundown.

Apply cold compresses or wet towels on the neck, face, torso, head to lower body temperatures while performing strenuous activities or sunbathing,

Eat foods that are high in water content such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating raw food and foods that have been exposed for hours in restaurant buffets.


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