Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Morocco's Tourism Sector Bounces Back

After an uncertain few months last year, Morocco has seen a healthy growth in tourist numbers. According to the Tourism Observatory a total of 3.8 million tourists visited Morocco between January and May 2017, up 9% from the same period a year earlier, according to the Tourism Observatory

The number of foreign tourists grew by 12.3%, while arrivals of Moroccans resident abroad increased by 3.4%.

The increase was particularly strong from Germany (+ 9%), Spain (+ 8%) and Belgium (+ 7%), the Observatory said.

In more good news, it appears that the emerging tourism markets for Moroccohave maintained their upward trend, with China growing by 760%, while Japan, South Korea, the United States and Brazil posted increases of 45 %, 42%, 34% and 35%.

The total number of nights spent in classified tourist accommodation increased by 17% during the first 5 months of 2017 (+ 22% for non-resident tourists and + 6% for residents).

Marrakech and Agadir alone accounted for 60% of total overnight stays at the end of May, says the Observatory, which notes that these two cities increased by 19% and 16%, respectively.

Other destinations also performed well, particularly in the cities of Fez and Tangier, with increases of 38% and 31% respectively.

Revenues from non-resident tourism in Morocco amounted to MAD 22.86 billion at the end of May, compared with MAD 22.7 billion a year earlier, an increase of 0.7 %.

The entry of Moroccans resident abroad has increased in comparison with the year 2016, both on the sea and air routes.

Launched on June 5 to welcome Moroccans living abroad (MRE), Operation Marhaba 2017 will continue until September 15. A total of 17 reception areas have been set up under the direction of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

No fewer than 709,620 nationals have returned to the national territory, according to statistics from the Central Coordination Office of the Foundation. This represents an increase of 7.09% compared to 2016 until 10 July. Indeed, 51% of the MREs (362,951 persons) have returned via air, while 49% have returned to the territory by sea.

Thousands of Moroccans return home for the holidays

A total of 178,233 people transited through the port of Tangier Med, representing 51.4% of the MREs that opted for this route. It is followed by the port of Nador, where 56,666 people transited (16.4%), recording an increase compared to last year (34,058 people on the same date). Bab Sebta (43,420 people - 12.5%), Bab Melilla (35,039 - 10.1%) and the port of Tangiers (29,118 - 8.4%) are the most important.

In terms of air transport, Casablanca airport received the largest number of MREs, numbering 113,931, with 31.6% of the total number of people returning by air. It is followed by the airport of Fez, which welcomed 42,917 people until July 10, or 11.8% of the total.

The first two airports are followed by Tangiers (42,267 - 11.7%), Marrakech (42,124 - 11.6%) and Nador (38,819 - 10.6%) respectively. In addition, Nador airport registered 35,298 people in 2016, an increase of 9.97% as of July 10, 2017.

At the entry points, the foundation teams in charge of hosting the MRE offered social and medical assistance.

The entry of Moroccans residing abroad is expected to peak between July 15 and August 2.


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